H-1B Clients

Listed below are the items that you will need in order to complete your H-1B petition

The items listed below are needed to petition for a non-immigrant H-1B visa:

  • A copy of your visa page(s)


  • A copy of your I-94 entry card with legible entry date stamp (front & back); this is the small white card in your passport); or if you last entered the U.S. after April 2013 go to https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov, enter your details and print off your I-94


  • Copies of ALL your degrees and transcripts from all universities attended in the U.S.


  • Copies of ALL of  your College degrees and transcripts from any universities attended outside the U.S. with English translation, if applicable


  • For Non-U.S. degrees:  Copies of any credentials evaluations of foreign education/degrees by a U.S. evaluation service, if you have this.  If you do not have this, please forward a check for $86.34 payable to the “Trustforte Corporation” (a reputable credentials evaluation service) and we will request one for you


  • If the H-1B petition is for a pharmacist position, please also forward a copy of your FPGEC Certificate


  • If the H-1B petition is for a Medical Resident or Physician position, please also forward a copy of documentation showing you have satisfied all requirements of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates and of your completion of steps 1 through 3 of the USMLE (Or FLEX scores, if applicable).  We will also need your medical license in the state where your new H-1B job is located. See below


  • If a professional license is necessary for your job (i.e. doctor, pharmacist, teacher [unless an exempt charter school teacher), we will need a copy of your valid license in the state where your H-1B job is located. If you do not yet have the license, and it will be required to start working, please initiate the license application immediately as we will need it to file your H-1B


  • If you have ever held H status, please provide me with copies of all H-1B/H-4 approval notices (both top and bottom portions).  If you came in on H-1B/H-4 through consular visa processing (outside the U.S.), please provide me with the copy of the page in your passport showing your initial H-1B/H-4 entry stamp.  Please do likewise for any family member who will need H-4 status


  • If you have ever held J status, please provide copies of all IAP-66/DS-2019's (front and back), “No Objection Letter(s),” I-612 waiver approval notice (if applicable), and any EAD's (if applicable)


  • If you have ever held F-1 status, please provide copies of all of I-20AB's (front and back) since you first entered the U.S.; and if applicable, your EAD card (if you had practical training)


  • If you and have ever held any other immigration status, please provide me with the details, including all copies of all documentation


  • A curriculum vitae/resume with your social security number on it, describing the previous positions held, dates those positions were held, the title in each position, and each position’s primary duties


  • Please provide a copy of your current ‘offer letter’ and/or ‘contract’ from the H-1B petitioning employer, which lists the salary offered by the employer


  • A copy of your driver’s license


  • A copy of the inside page of your passport with passport number and expiration date


  • If you are currently working in H-1B or on OPT, we will also need a copy of your 2 most recent pay-stubs when we get closer to filing your case

If you need H-4 dependent applications for any family members, please provide the following:


  • Copies of the I-94 entry card (front & back--again, this is the small white card in your passport, or, for entries after April 2013, your electronic I-94 from the government's website at https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov


  • Copies of the passport visa(s).


  • Copies of  the passport page, showing issue date and expiration date.


  • Copies of all H-4/I-797 approval notice(s).


  • A copy of your marriage certificate, with translation (if applicable).


  • Copies of any dependent children’s birth certificates (if applicable) with translations (if applicable). 


  • Copies of any dependent driver’s licenses, if applicable.  If your dependent does not have a driver’s license, we need some other government issued document that contains a PHOTOGRAPH.  It is OK to include a photo contained in their passport if you have no US government document with photo ID.