Bordeau Immigration Law, LLC is an immigration and nationality law practice. We work with clients on many types of immigration matters, with a primary focus on employment based cases. Please see our practice areas listed on the navigation page for further information.

Our office is located in the greater Kansas City area; however, we represent individuals and employers from all parts of the United States. Our clients include numerous universities, Fortune 500 companies and large and small businesses. We work closely with our academic, corporate and individual clients to obtain immigration benefits in an efficient and effective manner.

6/10/2014:  India EB-2 advances to 9/1/2008 for July 2014.  Individuals with current priority dates or priority dates expected to be current soon should expect a Request for Evidence for a new medical exam (on 6/1/2014 DHS changed its longstanding policies regarding medical exam validity and now requires medical exams to be performed within one year of approval). Note that we have received RFE's for some cases with 2009 priority dates, so we are optimistic that priority dates will further advance in August.

5/7/2014: DHS MAKES STATEMENT IT WILL PUBLISH NEW H-4 WORK AUTHORIZATION RULES AND OTHER INITIATIVES - See: http://www.dhs.gov/news/2014/05/06/dhs-announces-proposals-attract-and-retain-highly-skilled-immigrantsPlease note these rules have not yet been published.  We will update you when additional information becomes available.

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